Orders and Deliveries

Orders are processed and shipped within 24 hours of receiving payments. Orders placed on weekends and official holidays will be processed and shipped on the following business day. Usually we have stocks of all or most of the items displayed on our Boutique, however, at times, we may run out of stock, therefore, under such situations and or circumstances, the delivery maybe delayed. Ideally, when we have stocks, deliveries are prepared within 24 hours from receiving payments and in situations where we may not have stocks, deliveries could take up to 5-6 days more. Whatever be the situation, we will surely notify you upfront. To summarise, when we have stocks deliveries could take around 5-6 business days to reach you and just in case when we don’t have stocks in hand, it could take at most 9-12 business days.

We prefer online payments to our bank account. However, we also accept payments via PayPal and by default, we use the PayPal payment gateway. Please note that; your order will not be processed until we have received notification of your payment from our bank.

  • Bank transfer: Payment must be confirmed within 3 days of the date your order is placed. If payment is not received within the due date, your order will be automatically cancelled. In the bank transfer, it has to be specified the reference number of your order as well as your name and surname and if possible your delivery address as well. Bank transfers usually take around 1-2 business days to appear in our bank account. International transfers from outside the European Union may take a bit longer! 

Our banking details are;

Bank Name: ING Bank N.V.
Account name: Hagardhs B.V.
Account number: 7548888
IBAN – NL68 INGB 0007 5488 88

  • Paypal: Through your PayPal account you can pay safety using your preferred options; bank transfer, debit card or credit card. PayPal should be ideally able to accept Visa, Visa Electron and MasterCard. Your data will be managed and identified solely by PayPal. If you already have a PayPal account, you can use it to pay for your orders. PayPal payments usually take around 1-2 days to appear in our bank account. Our PayPal ID is: hagardhs@hagardhs.com 
  • Default gateway: by default, we have set our payment gateway with PayPal. You can chose to pay either with your PayPal credit or using any of your credit / debit cards accepted by PayPal. Your data will be managed and identified solely by PayPal. We do not store and or manage any payment details.

Orders are either shipped from our works in Amsterdam in The Netherlands with TNT courier or from our studio close to Warsaw in Poland, with DPD Courier / EMS Speedpost, these following shipping options are available, unless otherwise specified:

– Standard Economy (takes around 4-5 business days for deliveries in European Union, depending upon your City / Country and maybe around 9-12 business days for delivery outside the European Union).

Shipping charges may vary depending on the package size, weight, destination and shipping method, unless otherwise mentioned, where the price for shipping may be included in the offer.

– We do not ship to PO Boxes.
– Please note: as of now we are fully organised with shipping within European Union. However, since our official logistics company TNT, in The Netherlands provide a global logistics solution, we can always organise to send orders to all other countries out of European Union. Therefore, please keep in mind, that, for countries/destinations outside of the European Union, TNT may charge you around 5% – 10% as their service costs and additional costs for taxes such as custom and import duties as per the tax rules and regulations of your Country. To get an idea about these taxes, you may check these online or with your local tax authorities. And of course, if you have any questions and or concerns, you are welcome to check with us about these matters over email: hagardhs@hagardhs.com

Your shipping address may not be checked by our system for security reasons and to guarantee the best delivery time. We do not have an address verification software package yet, which checks or contains all valid addresses from the European Union States or even outside the European Union States. Therefore, we rely on your accuracy to provide your shipping address. We copy paste your address which you provided when creating your account. You may be asked to change your shipping address if this address is not recognised. Should you have any problems with the address validation, please email us at; hagardhs@hagardhs.com mentioning your full name and provide us with a landline contact number to reach you too.

Citizens and Residents of European Union States are bound to pay the VAT. Even if you are not a Citizen and or a Resident of European Union States but, if your delivery address is in any of the European Union Member States, you are bound to pay the VAT. Citizens and Residents outside the European Union States maybe eligible for a VAT refund, conditions apply as per the European Union Tax Laws and Regulations and or The Netherlands Tax Laws and Regulations. VAT is usually charged upfront while invoicing, therefore, for Citizens and Residents who stay outside the European Union States, please make a note that, we may work to claim for your VAT refunds; in order to process this, we will need to submit your purchase proof which is an original invoice (which we generate from our system) and, we will need to also attach the delivery proof to your address outside the European Union, this is the document which we will collect from the courier company who makes the delivery to your address and we can get confirmation, only when the delivery has been successfully made. We file all VAT refunds once every end of the quarter, once in 3 months, and it usually takes around 1-2 months and sometimes more, to get this refund. Please make a note that, we can only file for your VAT refunds, while the decision of approval of this refund is decided by the European Union VAT refund regulations and or The Netherlands Tax department, therefore, if by any chance, if your refund is refused, we should not be held responsible for this matter, after-all, we are doing this service for you as our gratitude to you for shopping with us. And of course, as soon as (if) we get your refund, we will issue you a discount code of the same amount and email this as a gift voucher to you and you can redeem it on your next purchase with us. We hope we have clearly explained the VAT refund essentials, however, if you still have any questions and or concerns, please feel free to email us at; hagardhs@hagardhs.com

The holiday season especially around Christmas time gets busy at times. We usually take a holiday break from 21st December till 11th January of the following month. Therefore, orders arriving at the last moment, shall be delivered accordingly. Please also consider the fact that, around 23rd onwards, even the courier companies get too occupied therefore, deliveries around those days cannot be confirmed upfront. In such situations, please email us if you have any questions and or concerns. Our email is: hagardhs@hagardhs.com

When you buy from us, especially your Swiss Watch will come with a warranty card valid for the period as described in the product information. All watches sold by us are guaranteed to be original, new and authentic sourced from their principle companies who are manufacturers. We offer an additional 1 year warranty on all Our Swiss Watch (warranty is always on manufacturing defect and not for miss handling and wear and tear).
Battery life: We guarantee the battery life for quartz models to be around 12 months. If your battery dies off before these 12 months from the purchase date, we are extremely sorry for that, however, we will be happy to replace it free of cost or if you are located far off, we shall offer you a special price off on your next purchase. Please e-mail us: at hagardhs@hagardhs.com to discuss this further.
Automatic watches: We assume you know the mechanism about Automatic watches. In simple terms, when you wear your watch and your arm makes movements, the watch automatically winds itself (remember those old model watches which we had to wind them manually, with automatic watches, this winding of the watch happens with the movement of your arm). Therefore, you need to wear your watch in order to be sure it keeps running on time. On an average, most of our collections of Automatic watches have a power reserve time of around 24-36 hours, (unless otherwise mentioned about the longer power reserve times) which means, you can wear the watch during the day and at night if you leave it aside, it still keeps running, but you should wear it again the following day. If you don’t, your watch might stop. This does not mean it is damaged, all you will need to do is, shake it softly and wear it again and it will start working again, you might need to re-adjust the time/date. You may need some servicing done of your Automatic watch once in some 5-6 years, depending upon your usage, wear-and-tear and the weather conditions. Usually, Automatic watches in Europe smoothly run for longer period of time, as compared with Asia, because of the high humidity there.
Leather straps and all other leather items from our collections: The life of your leather strap and or the leather belts and any other leather items from our collection depends absolutely upon how you use and care for it. For some, leather products last for several years, whereas, for few, these might get worn out in 1-2 years (happens especially in very high humid climates especially with leather straps for watches). Leather straps and leather products are not covered under any warranties.
Stainless steel bracelets: Most of the stainless steel bracelets last long, really long. You should occasionally take some care with cleaning your watch and it’s bracelet with a moist cloth. Do not use any strong chemicals, rather, just water with a soft cloth.

For any questions and or concerns and or feedbacks and suggestions, please get in touch with us;

Swiss Watch Boutique
Hagardhs B.V.
E-mail: hagardhs@hagardhs.com (9am till 9pm)
Work Phone +31 20 894 3282 (9am till 11am)
WhatsApp / Viber +31 639 074 412 (9am till 9pm)
Amsterdam Time Zone UTC +1

Updated 12 May 2020